Inner Child Healing

A powerful way to heal yourself from within

RTT Hypnotherapy shows you how to heal yourself with healing words. Certified hypnotherapist, aki energy healer, will guide you on your spiritual journey.
Healing Words

Inner Child and Your Soul

Have you met your inner child? The inner child has the key to your profound healing. Healing her/him is the most powerful way to heal yourself. As you heal your inner child, you are healing yourself. 

Who is my inner child?

The Inner Child is a fragment of your soul that froze in time. You may wonder, “Why did it freeze?” Well, maybe you experienced hurtful and traumatic events such as rejection, abuseabandonment, criticism… You didn’t know what to do with the pain. Nobody was there to help you or guide you. You were not ready to process the experience, so you buried the hurtful emotion deep inside. 

As a consequence, this is your inner child frozen in time. Yes, you have grown and now you are a mature adult, but that little child is still inside you and speaking to you through pain, hurt, anger, loneliness, and such.

With RTT Hypnotherapy, you can heal yourself by healing your inner child. Be guided by a certified hypnotherapist, aki Energy Healer.
Heal Yourself
Believe in yourself. You can heal yourself as you heal your inner child with RTT Hypnotherapy. Guided by certified hypnotherapist, aki Energy Healer.
Believe in Yourself

The Healing Power of Inner Child

Inner Child Therapy is the most powerful, effective, and profound way to heal yourself. I want you to imagine that you hold her/him in your arms and give them whatever they need, want, and deserve. Usually, what they want is very simple such as Love, Protection, Acceptance, Praise, Guidance, Nurturing, Compassion, or just a Hug. When their needs are met, they are no longer frozen in time. They are free, and thus, you are free. 

While we cannot change the events in the past, we can change the way we see them. I will guide you to find and reconnect with your inner child and communicate with her/him using healing words. As you embrace your inner child, you will be releasing what you buried long ago.

Heal your inner child and heal yourself

I want you to experience the healing power of Inner Child Therapy. You are ready to heal. I will show you how to reconnect and embrace your inner child. You’ll learn the powerful healing words you can speak to your inner child who has been speaking through pain and raw emotions.  Healing is your birthright. Please request CONTACT, and I will reach out to you. Or, book your Insight & Inspiration (a gift from me, $80 value), where you’ll learn how you can overcome the issues.

You will find many more alternative healing modalities at HEAL & HEALED. Please let me know what resonates with you. If you are interested in RTT Hypnotherapy, here are the Program Details that explain the step-by-step process to guide you with your successful healing.

Reiki / energy healing is an alternative way for healing. Available in person as Healing Touch Therapy or a remote reiki healing and energy healing therapy.
Reiki / Energy Healing
HEAL & HEALED offers Akashic Records reading that is sacred and spiritual. Akashic records are also called book of life.
Akashic Records Reading
This is a life-changing weight loss hypnotherapy program. It's natural, holistic, and alternative. Lose weight fast and reprogram your mind to love healthy food and stay healthy!
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Using RTT Hypnotherapy program, your certified hypnotherapist will guide you to find the cause of the issue and you will liberate with the power of forgiveness.
Power of Forgiveness
Spiritual guidance from reiki healer. Ask about reiki, energy healing, spiritual awakening, Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, Past life regression, akashic records, book of life, and spiritual guidance.
Spiritual Awakening & Ascension
Lead by a certified hypnotherapist, you will find and remove the cause of the problem using the power of RTT Hypnotherapy program. Find self love.
Love Relationship

Healing Words from my Healing Clients

Why is hypnosis so effective?

We do what we do because of the programs. Logic vs Emotion: Emotions is always stronger, and here is the reason. 95% of the time, it’s our program that is dictating how we react, behave, and feel. Up until 7 years old, most of the time the brain is in Theta mode which is a state of programming and hypnosis. This means that what we saw, heard, and perceived went straight to the subconscious and, therefore, our perceptions became our program by “natural” hypnosis.

Beliefs, Paradigms, and Programs

After 12 years old, the brain enters Beta mode which is a state of focus, alert, and awareness. When the brain is in Beta, the conscious mind blocks the gate to the subconscious, and the programs we accepted long ago (beliefs and paradigms) are now locked in and dominate our behaviors and emotions. Consequently, if we have positive beliefs, we have positive perceptions to our experiences. But if negative, then our perceptions are also negative, which leads us to negative behaviors and emotions. 

How does hypnosis help you?

Under a deep healing hypnosis, you’ll be totally relaxed and comfortable. In this hypnotic state, your conscious mind drifts away and opens the gate to the subconscious where all the programs are kept. Now, you’re able to access the programs (the root cause of the issue)  and then change them in a way they serve you well. We often call this process “reprogramming” or “rewiring.” Once you do this under hypnosis, you’ll feel a big difference. You’ll experience the  transformational internal shift, and this is the power of hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, most definitely. Hypnosis is a totally relaxed state and you remain awake. In fact, you get in hypnotic state everyday. Hypnosis is a safe, natural, alternative, and holistic approach to resolving issues. At HEAL & HEALED, you’ll have a thorough Intake period where you tell me exactly what you’d like to release, gain, believe, and achieve. You decide what beliefs you’d like to believe. During hypnosis, you are in absolute control. So, experience the power of hypnosis and change your life in a way you desire!