Reiki / Energy Healing

Energy Healing Therapy for your Reiki Experience

Reiki / energy healing is an alternative way for healing. Available in person as Healing Touch Therapy or a remote reiki healing and energy healing therapy.
Energy Healing Therapy

Reiki <霊気>is originated from Japan. 霊 (Rei) means "spirit" and 気 (Ki) means "energy" in Japanese language 

Reiki / Energy Healing is a natural, holistic, alternative way to heal. If you are unsure how to approach the issue, I’m here to help you. Please receive a token for a FREE gift session, “Insight & Inspiration” ($80 Value). 

Reiki / Energy Healing therapy sessions are remote/virtual unless some special arrangements are made for healing touch therapy. Most sessions are 60 minutes, but some are available for 30 minutes. 

Please ask for a Premium Package Discount.

Below are some suggested Reiki / Energy Healing therapy sessions.

HEAL & HEALED offers Akashic Records reading that is sacred and spiritual. Akashic records are also called book of life.
Akashic Records ($150/60-Min or $222/90-Min w/Healing)
Reiki healing for patients by aki energy healer. Reiki spiritual healing and remote reiki healing by energy healing therapist.
Reiki Healing for Patients
Chakras are energy centers. Keep them purified, balanced, and rejuvenated.
Chakras - Energy Centers (30/60 min)
Guided by a certified hypnotherapist, you will find the cause of the problem and reprogram your mind to embrace your authentic self. Experience the power of RTT Hypnotherapy and start your spiritual awakening!
Inner Child Therapy (60 min)
Reiki / energy healing Therapy for animal is a safe spiritual and alternative way to heal. The best reiki healing done by best energy healer.
Animal Reiki
Spiritual guidance from reiki healer. Ask about reiki, energy healing, spiritual awakening, Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, Past life regression, akashic records, book of life, and spiritual guidance.
Spiritual Awakening & Ascension
HEAL & HEALED offers past life regression. Guided by the best past life regression therapist, aki energy healer certified hypnotherapist.
Past Life Regression ($280 for 2-HR w/ Healing)

Ancestral Timeline

Chronic Pain

Intensive Energy Healing

Spiritual Gifts Activation

Does Reiki Really Work?

Yes, it does. Everything is energy. We are energy too. You might have forgotten, but you were born with natural healing ability. What you were born with is still within you. So, now the question is, “How can I reconnect and reactivate the healing ability that I have?”

Natural and Alternative Way

Here is the natural and alternative way to activate your healing ability within. Breathe deeply, be open to receive, and believe in yourself. First, begin with a deep breath. Breathe deeply and this will help you slow down. As you slow down, you’re giving your body a message that it’s safe to relax. When your body is relaxed, it’ll find a way to Healing. Second, be open to receiving the healing energy that is descending upon you. Dip yourself in the healing light. Last but not least, believe in yourself that you have natural healing ability within you, and you are reactivating the ability. And, of course, I will guide you.

Is Reiki / Energy Healing safe?

Yes, most definitely. There are no side effects. Reiki / Energy Healing is a natural, holistic, alternative way to heal. Moreover, you can also receive it along with your other modalities you are already receiving. Reiki is an alternative approach and it is totally safe.

Smile… You are already beginning to heal.

There is always the Light within you. Let your Light shine. Shine, my dear soul. Shine.

If you have any questions about this alternative approach, I’m here to help you. Please book your “Insight & Inspiration” FREE gift session and ask any questions you may have. We offer different alternative healing for you to explore your spiritual awakening and ascension. Here at HEAL & HEALED, you’ll have the best Reiki experience with spiritual guidance.

Below are some suggestions. Please let me know what resonates with you. If you are interested in RTT Hypnotherapy, here is the link to the Program Details page that explains the step-by-step process to your successful healing.

This is a life-changing weight loss hypnotherapy program. It's natural, holistic, and alternative. Lose weight fast and reprogram your mind to love healthy food and stay healthy!
Weight Loss
Your certified hypnotherapist will guide you to find the cause of the problem using RTT Hypnotherapy and reprogram your mind to make yourself super fertile.
With RTT Hypnotherapy, you can find the cause of insomnia and reprogram your mind to sleep as you always did when you were a baby. Certified hypnotherapist will guide you through.
With RTT Hypnotherapy, you will find the cause and reprogram your mind in the way you desire. Be guided by the best certified hypnotist.
RTT Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis as anger intervention. The best anger management program with a certified hypnotherapist. Find the cause and release it with RTT Hypnotherapy program.
Anger and Rage

Healing Words from My Healing Clients