Rising Radiance Private Membership

Rising Radiance Private Membership

The Rising Radiance Private Membership was created with you in mind. I know you did a fantastic job making a great transformation, and now I want you to continue healing and rising high up. This private membership will give me a chance to support you as you go through everyday challenges and to remind you how greatly you are doing. 

As a private member, you will receive razor-focused personal support and guidance so you can live each day with confidence, self-trust, and clarity.

In each session, you have a choice of Reiki/Energy healing, hypnosis, Akashic Records Reading, Inner Child Therapy, or spiritual guidance and awakening. No matter what is happening in your life, you’ll move through challenges confidently and find a way to powerfully thrive and succeed.

Healing takes time and practice, but I’m here to guide you through with powerful tools.

As we continuously work together, you will:

  • feel light and balanced within
  • clear more karmic lessons
  • find and manifest your life’s purpose
  • march on each day with mental clarity
  • move through the challenges with self-confidence and self-trust
  • remain calm and peaceful
  • fall in love with yourself more and more
  • spread love and healing so others can heal

What would you like to release and gain?

You have the great opportunity to remain on your spiritual path to accomplish more goals with clarity, confidence, and self-trust. You were born to manifest your dreams and goals, and you are destined to succeed!

You’ll also receive members-only benefits and discounts.

The Membership Benefits:

  1. One 55-Minute Private Session Each Month ($150 Value):
    During these sessions, you have the option to receive Reiki/Energy Healing, Hypnosis, or spiritual guidance. This hypnosis does not include regressions but it will help you realign, recondition, energize, and motivate yourself to achieve your current goals.
  2. 40% OFF on all healing services based on the current set fee. This includes Past Life Regressions, Akashic Records Readings, full Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions, and the RTT Hypnotherapy Program.

The Membership Due:

*The rate will be locked in for you as long as you continue your membership.

$55.00 (USD) Monthly
$594.00 (USD) Yearly

I look forward to meeting you and rising up with you!!