Reiki / Energy Healing for Patients

An alternative way to facilitate your healing during the most difficult time

Reiki healing for patients by aki energy healer. Reiki spiritual healing and remote reiki healing by energy healing therapist.
Reiki Healing for Patients

What is Reiki / Energy Healing for Patients?

Reiki / Energy Healing for Patients is an alternative way to heal. It is totally safe to receive Reiki / Energy Healing along with any treatments you are going through. This natural, holistic healing modality gives you extra comfort and facilitates your healing in times of hardship and tribulation. If you are not familiar with Reiki or Energy Healing, please think this as PrayersAs you are comforted by the energy (prayers), your body will find and receive the healing. Are you facing a scary surgery? Treatment? Diagnosis? Or, are you waiting for a result to come in? While we all go through the inevitable human experiences, there is a comfort you can seek and healing you can receive. Allow your body to heal at its optimum.

How does Reiki healing work for you?

Everything is energy, and so are we. Yes, you are an energetic being. Even though unconsciously, your body is sending out the energetic signal, and healing light knows where it is needed. I will guide you to total relaxation. When you are relaxed, your body relaxes, and as your body relaxes, it will find a way to healing. Relax your body. The key is to relax and allow because to relax means to get out of the survival mode: Fight or Flight. As you relax, healing will take place naturally and gracefully. Allow yourself to relax. I will also show you a breathing exercise. I’m here to help you and guide you.

Energy healing and reiki spiritual healing for patients offered by aki Energy Healer. Energy healing therapy at HEAL & HEALED
Energy Healing

How to receive healing for patients


  • Know that healing is your birthright.
  • Your body has a natural healing power you were born with.


  • Breathe deeply and relax.
  • Let your body know it’s safe to relax.
  • When your body is relaxed, it’ll find a way to healing.


  • Seen or unseen, healing is happening.
  • Felt or unfelt, you are healing.
HEAL & HEALED offers reiki spiritual healing. Energy healing therapy by Reiki spiritual healer
Healing Hand

Your intention is powerful. Choose to receive.

The benefits of Reiki / Energy Healing for Patients

Before the Event:
You’ll be COMFORTED while preparing for the event (surgery, treatment, etc.) and your body will relax and be ready for it.

During the Event: 
You’ll be EMBRACED in healing space. As you relax, your body will accept healing which helps the procedure go smoothly.

After the Event: 
You’ll CONTINUE TO RECEIVE healing energies, and your body will have a fast, smooth recovery. 

Energy knows NO BOUNDARY.

While in-person is available for a limited condition, distance is not an issue. Please remember, my dear healing soul, you are never alone. Know that you are always WATCHED OVER, GUIDED, PROTECTED, and LOVED. Let us begin your profound healing today.

Angel watches over you. You are never alone. Hear the prayer of angels.
You are never alone

Please contact aki at HEAL & HEALED for more information.

As you read my words here, you are ready to receive healing. I’m here to support you in communicating with the Universe. Please request Contact, and I will reach out to you. Or, please receive a gift of an Insight & Inspiration session ($80 Value). Below are more alternative healing suggestions for you. Please let me know what resonates with you.

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