Healing Words from My Healing Clients

Below are the reviews from my clients. 
I hope to post your healing words next.
When you heal, I heal. Will you heal with me?

Dipti Gandhi

aki in real terms you are a Healer, who has full potential and ability to sense and correct the emotions and energies of the people by easily identifying the core issues that needed addressing. Your understanding and support have been an inspiration to me. You are exceptional at what you do.

You had an excellent way of interpreting and maintaining a good balance between thoughts and feelings without neglecting or diminishing either one. From many years, I had been following the same unhelpful pattern of belief throughout my life. aki, you have helped me break free from those limited beliefs by changing my thinking and behaviour at the subconscious level with the power of therapy [hypnosis]. You have successfully helped me treat my imprint that I had from my childhood that was creating a big obstacle in my current life in one single session. I listened to your mp4 you sent me through email, and wow!! Your voice is so soothing, calm, and safe, as soon as I started listening, I felt very relaxed!

Thank you for caring, listening, and giving enough time. Your [RTT Hypnotherapy] sessions are Thought Provoking, Deep Routed, Immensely Powerful, and reaches the core.” 


Alia received an RTT Hypnotherapy program and she was able to remove the cause of the problems with guidance from aki, certified hypnotherapist.
Alia Ghosheh

RTT Hypnotherapy with aki was brilliant, painful, cleansing, powerful, magical and liberating! I released years of trauma dating back to when I was 4 years old”

Alia Ghosheh (USA)

Ani received reiki energy healing, which is spiritual and alternative. Guided by aki Energy Healer and a certified hypnotherapist. Here is her testimonial.
Annette Rise

Reiki / Energy healing with aki was absolutely amazing… I had an intense week of work/travel and came back exhausted and physically unwell, as the immunity was down due to sleepless nights. As I lied in bed for my session I was energetically down and within 10 minutes I started feeling energy coming back, and at the end of 30 minutes I was literally on my feet and getting ready to go on a bike ride! (when prior to the session I was in bed for more than a day!) Incredible! Absolutely incredible!!

I really appreciate and love aki’s style of approaching arising concerns/issues – she has been so gentle, friendly and supportive of me and kind to my frustrations, that I feel the healing pours and embraces me even hours after we hung up the phone. Thank you so much, aki. I am definitely a client and would recommend aki’s healing to anyone who is interested.”

Annette Rise (USA)

So much has transpired it has been so very transformational I can’t thank you enough!
Brooke T.

“So much has transpired. It has been so very transformational!! I can’t thank you enough!! Aki what a blessing you are! You helped me reconnect with my inner child as well as helping me to strengthen my self-worth. Your guidance and healing helped to bring me back into my power and to realize that I hold the key to everything! That was such a powerful realization. I am so grateful for all you have shown me and helped me heal from!”

Brooke T. (USA)

Review on aki energy healer. Lawrence says, aki's warm and inviting energy is amazing. aki carries a special gift of healing. Highly recommend aki.
Lawrence August

“aki’s warm and inviting energy is amazing. Within a few minutes of meeting her, you can tell she carries a special gift of healing. Her holistic, alternative approach is wonderful… HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Lawrence August, Certified Nutrition Specialist (USA)

Leigh received an akashic records reading by aki Energy Healer Reiki practitioner and a certified hypnotherapist. Here is her testimonial.
Leigh Montogomery

“I found myself very comfortable right away in my Akashic Records Reading session with aki. She has a very beautiful and calming way about her. My session was very helpful in that it confirmed a lot of things for me and also gave me direction in how to deepen my inner knowing. Highly recommend!! 

Leigh Montgomery (USA)

Amy had Akashic Records reading by aki Energy Healer, reiki practitioner, and also certified hypnotherapist
Amy Black

“I felt a beautiful, light-filled energetic connection between myself and aki. As soon as we connected, she tapped in intuitively into where I was on my journey as an energetic being. When the Akashic Records were opened, and the question asked, she presented the information in a gentle and beautiful description that helped me hear, see, and feel the answers.”

Amy Black, Orchestrating Energy (USA)

Moni received reiki / energy healing, the alternative approach, from aki reiki energy healer
Moni Maj

“How incredibly helpful, professional and successful aki was with bringing me feelings of unconditional love, calmness, happiness and relief from my physical pain!! This Reiki / Energy Healing experience surpassed all my expectations of this kind of healing session. The feelings of relaxation, love, acceptance and blissful tranquility – all of those feelings in a safe and loving environment – was simply priceless! We need more human beings like aki in this world. I’m so grateful for this experience!”

Moni Maj (USA)

Sofia received RTT Hypnotherapy program and released the cause of the problem. She was guided by aki Energy Healer certified hypnotherapist.
Sofia Y.

“aki provided me an amazing, transformative RTT Hypnotherapy session!! She is the first person to put me into hypnosis, and she was so intuitive, warm, and guided me so well throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend her as an RTT therapist and to work with in general because of her ability to connect so deeply into exactly the things I wanted to heal within myself – some I didn’t even know about. Her voice is so soothing and her words truly lit me up and are helping me believe in myself and my ability to live the life I want to live. I truly appreciate her amazing work and am so thankful I came across her!”      

Sofia Y. (USA)

Mpho successfully removed the cause of the problem using the RTT Hypnotherapy program. She was guided by aki Energy Healer, a certified hypnotherapist. Here is her testimonial.
Mpho Mogotsi

“I had the privilege and honor of receiving Energy Healing and RTT Hypnotherapy sessions from aki since 2019! She is an amazing healer!! She approaches healing with love, gentleness, kindness and compassion! She has helped me to heal my wounds and helped me to regain my confidence in public speaking. Her voice is healing, gentle yet so powerful!! Listening to my personalized recording she made for me has been phenomenal! I could definitely feel the shift as her voice pulsated through my body sending gentle vibrational waves in my body!!”

Mpho Mogotsi, Mrs. Universe Africa Finalist (South Africa)

Monika had session on akasha records and says, "The most wonderful session. aki is a warm-hearted, gifted and talented healer."
Monika Korba

“I just had the most wonderful Akashic Records Reading with aki. Her Akashic Records Reading was simply wonderful. She is a warm-hearted, gifted and talented healer. If you have any questions to the Ascended Masters, she is the one who can connect you. Thank you, aki. You are truly amazing!!

Monika Korba, Life Coach & Energy Healer (Switzerland)

Sarah's testimonial on RTT Hypnotherapy with aki Energy Healer, certified hypnotherapist. "True healing experience... blessed to have found aki, my hypnotist"

“[RTT Hypnotherapy session with aki Energy Healer] was very much needed and I felt that our session was a true healing experience, it was filled with compassion and patience. I feel that you do care and want to help people heal. I am blessed to have found you when I decided to start this journey, I will remember your kind words and will continue to praise myself and give myself a break when it is needed, thanks again for everything!”

Sarah (USA)

Alice released the cause of the problem and freed herself by using the power of the RTT Hypnotherapy program.
Alice H. Bangalow

“I had a beautiful RTT Hypnotherapy session with aki regarding the keloid scars on my body. aki has a natural ability to really be present and guide me through the session, and her gentleness was felt throughout the whole process, where I felt listened to and cared for. I discovered the role the keloids have in my life, and although they have not yet disappeared, they don’t bother me as much as they used to. aki made me a powerful healing recording that I enjoy listening to every night. Thank you again aki!!”


Alice H. Bangalow, NSW (Australia)

Sally received alternative healing from aki reiki healer. She says, "joy for the sake of joy!!"
Sally Plank, MSW

“aki, I am feeling sooo sooo good, so much has lifted and I just feel the lightness, the love and have been re-inspired to pick up my camera! Been taking photographs again and just doing what brings me joy for the sake of joy and that being enough!! I don’t know how I can thank you, it’s beyond words!!”

Sally Plank, MSW (USA)

Shan received spiritual healing, past life regression and RTT Hypnotherapy program. She released the cause of the problem guided by a certified hypnotherapist.
Shan Massucco

“I have had a few RTT Hypnotherapy sessions with aki [certified hypnotherapist] over the last year and it has been a profound experience! As a healer myself, I know the importance of protecting my energy field and I’m careful on whom I trust to work with me. aki’s skill set, intuitive abilities, compassion and the trust I have in her is what makes her so incredible! She was able to help guide me in releasing old patterns and misbeliefs from trauma I suffered as a child.”

Sha Massucco, Shamanic Healer (Taos, NM, USA)

“My RTT Hypnotherapy session with aki has been life changing!! All the way through the process I have felt very safe and listened to. The problem we worked on is no longer affecting my life. She is a beautiful, talented compassionate person and this shines through in her work!”

Nicky Star Guest (UK)

“aki was so kind, upbeat and helpful, during our Akashic Records session. She immediately made me feel very comfortable. She took a lot of time with me, addressing the question I had about fulfilling my life’s purpose. She gave me great suggestions on what to focus on as my next best step. I highly recommend aki to anyone who is interested in finding some divine guidance.”

Deb Mraz (USA)

“I found the Akashic Record Reading session with aki very helpful and powerful. I knew logically what I was doing but I forgot to go back into my heart space and always look at things from there it will always guide you. Thank you so much for reminding me. You have such a beautiful energy and knowledge within you. I am very grateful for the gifts of you.”

Nuala Bergin

“aki has an aura that put me in a state of peace at the beginning of our session. Even when we went into our session and dealt with the things that were blocking me from my real self, which was very emotional for me. I felt at peace and reborn. I’m very grateful to have met aki and worked with her.

Sherwyne (USA)

“aki, I love how you held the space for me so beautifully – I felt so safe and trusted you immediately. The RTT Hypnotherapy process (initial call, intake form, session and follow-up) made sense to me – I struggled a bit with the intake questions and shifting my thinking but I realize how important that exercise was to help you help me and to help me shift my perspective. The hypnotherapy session was amazing – I had no idea I’d go back to my birth! It was powerful and your guidance was key – I felt you were there to support me, guide me and help me reveal what was blocking me. The audio session you recorded for me couldn’t have been better – it was so important for me to listen to it daily so I’d continue to heal. I will continue to listen to it as I’m getting better at really feeling into what you are saying to me.

Some of the healing I’m experiencing isn’t something I can put into words – I just feel differently. There are specific improvements with food and my body and what is so important to me is that I now believe I can release this weight and have a calm relationship with food and my body. So, thank you again!”

Joan Ridsdel, Life Coach (Canada)

“I experienced deep growth working together with aki. I had amazing sharing sessions on nearly a daily basis and her responses respectful and quick; she shared valuable insights, information and support to deepen the understanding of the processes and changes I was experiencing. She was genuinely uplifting, especially several times when I was experiencing extra self doubt, and helped ground me in my new perspectives, maintaining new feelings of “being on track.” aki also understood and celebrated with me when I experienced remarkable messages from unexpected places. This was an incredible deeply healing journey with aki!


“I had a wonderful experience with aki and as she read my Akashic Records, she assured me that I’m on the right path and that the Ascended Masters wanted me to know my strengths and reconfirmed that my gifts are true and for me to forge forward with confidence and know that I have whatever it takes to make my dreams come to fruition. It was a wonderful experience for me!”

Amy (USA)

“aki was incredibly insightful and intuitive. I am extremely satisfied with the services provided and look forward to working with her again. She is a beautiful Soul that shines brightly!”

John McGee (USA)

“I like her energy, so calm, peaceful, humble and sincere. She is a lovely person and a wonderful healer!


aki is a Natural Healer. From the moment you hear her voice, you will feel comforted and safe. aki has the rare ability to see right into people–without judgment, only kindness– and help light the way for them to more clearly see themselves. She will help you release whatever is holding you back from being your best, authentic self.”

Kryssa Marie Bowman (USA)

“A mutual friend recommended aki [Reiki / Energy Healer]to me and I’m so glad that she did. I needed help healing from grief and guilt after the loss of my dog. aki is so kind and gentle and helped me to articulate my feelings around the loss. The session was a guided energy healing integrated with hypnosis. She helped me to connect with my dog so that I could experience the love that we shared when he was with me. I was able to release the guilt and grief and felt so much lighter after the experience. aki is an amazing person and a talented healer!

Sherry P. (USA)

“I had an incredibly powerful RTT Hypnotherapy session with aki. I came to her because I want to get my driver’s license but for some reason whenever I take the in-car exam, I am almost paralyzed by fear. I had no idea where this heightened fear came from – it didn’t make any sense to me. aki skillfully took me back to a trauma I had experienced in a car during my childhood that I had repressed. She supported me through this memory in a way that I felt safe and held by her energetically. With her help, I have cleared this block which feels like a miracle!! aki is a wonderfully compassionate and skilled therapist. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks aki!!!!”

Liz Lambert (Canada)

“Working with aki has been an incredible journey for me. She is an amazing healer and so gifted. I truly appreciate the positive steps I’ve been able to take forward as a result of her working with me. She is highly recommended in my books!!!”

Carolyn C. (Canada)

I have had two Reiki / Energy Healing sessions so far and both sessions were phenomenal! I love the singing bowl, the sound brings me comfort. I love the feeling afterwards that the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. I’m appreciative that you meditate and have a “heads-up” as to what is going on with me…before you even get to me.”

melissa gaddis, cmt (USA)

“Did Reiki healing with aki. Very strong energy (in a good way) I was deeply calmed so much so that my arms and legs were so heavy. That means deep relaxation which is not easy to achieve. Had a really neat experience with her doing inner work that was very helpful to me. I would say life changing – she helped me to remember a photo that I had that I am now in the process of getting framed and displaying which brings me immense joy and has forever changed a perspective than I once had.”


Reiki / Energy Healing was an amazing experience. I could feel so much in my heart area. When it was completed, I felt calm and energized! I felt light and full of love for myself. Thank you aki!

Penny A (USA)

“I had a wonderful RTT Hypnotherapy session with aki to deal with limiting beliefs around confidence and self-worth. The session was incredibly empowering – it freed me up to step into my power with both humility and a deep understanding of my own potential for growth. What was so liberating was the extent to which the changes happen at such a deep level when you are in hypnosis. My thinking, critical mind – so often the dominant force for me – had to take a back seat and let my unconscious mind come to the fore, with the uncovering of the understanding of what had been blocking me in life; then moving into ‘letting go’ and healing. What is quite noticeably different to other types of therapy is the significant shift you feel – the palpable feeling of ‘letting go’; the re-connecting with who you truly are and moving on to the place where you know you need to be. aki is a very caring and talented therapist to work with – I felt very safe and held by her radiant, powerful healing energy. Thank you, aki! Xx”

Camilla B (France)

aki was amazing to work with as an RTT Hypnotherapy practitioner! She is a wonderful listener and radiates compassion and understanding. During our session, aki’s sweet, soothing voice quickly took me deep into relaxation where I was able to find the root cause of some beliefs that have been holding me back in my life. She beautifully wove together pieces of my past to help me clear those beliefs and left me with a soothing recording to listen to to wire in new life – changing beliefs. Since our session, I have felt lighter and more at peace. It was a wonderful and impactful experience. I highly recommend booking a session with aki!”

Lisa S. (USA)

“I’ve experienced some changes in my life since my RTT Hypnotherapy session with aki. Everything we talked about did help to soothe me. I was able to shift my attention to positive affirmations and that helped a lot. I’ve noticed a huge change in my way of thinking. I’ve gotten really good at dealing with difficult situations that are not in my control, and I think I’m slowly reprogramming my subconscious mind and it feels great!!

Vanessa M (USA)

I absolutely love your calm, welcoming voice. You have such a peaceful, empowering voice and I absolutely love my personalized recording and I do believe I will keep listening to it more than 21 days. Although it has yet to be 21 days I already feel emotionally and mentally stronger. Thank you for my RTT Hypnotherapy session, even coming out of hypnosis it was such an emotional and enlightening experience for me, thank you again!”

Flor (USA)

“Thank you so much for the RTT Hypnotherapy session you gave me. You touched something very deep, as that provoked a deep reaction within my body. I’ve never had anything like that before. This must be your skill as a therapist. I loved the softness of your voice, it was very reassuring, and you paced the session very well, I felt comfortable and taken care of all the time. I can report some positive changes as a result, I’m more energized, more confident, I’ve been interacting more with my social circle. Thanks for everything, you are a star!”

Lili (France)

aki is awesome!! It was a great experience -to know the power of mind. Thank you very much for the powerful RTT Hypnotherapy session and all your guidance!!

Deepa (USA)

“aki has a beautiful spirit and calming energy. Her natural being resonates with you when speaking to her. She has the ability to guide you on your journey to heal.”

Nichole Taylor (USA)

“Dear aki. Every time I listen to my personalized recording you made for me, I wish there was a button to push to send you a message that says I Love This!!!! I thank you so much for this wonderful gift. Words are not enough to express my appreciation.

E. Arevalo (USA)

“Aki was wonderful and really helped me understand myself. We had a powerful moment during my akashic records reading and she described me mentally very accurately. I will see her again for sure ✨️”

N.W. (USA)

“As I have recently had a few RTT Hypnotherapy sessions from aki, I have felt a wonderful change from within! With kindness, patience, and compassion, aki has helped create an environment to produce results. Her grasp of how to mold each situation to my exact needs was extraordinary! She has a wonderful gift that can help transform lives! Thank you so much aki for your brilliant work!!

M.N. (USA)

“I had such a wonderful RTT Hypnotherapy session with aki! Her calm voice and professionalism made the session so good. I worked some self confidence issues and I have to say I’m totally surprised how the change is so quick. The recording is short so I can listen to it during the day and is so effective. Thanks aki !! You are a wonderful therapist.” 

Romi T. (France)

Your ability to be intuitive is amazing. Your recording hits the nail on the head. And it almost feels like you know me. From the session you picked up a lot, and I guess this must be your ability as an energy healer. I feel like this combined with RTT Hypnotherapy is a winning combination.”

JC (Australia)

“aki, the Energy Healer, is ‘loaded’ with cosmic energy. Her specialty is Dragon Power, bringing Cosmic energy and Earth energy together for healing energy. Also offers RTT HypnotherapyAmazing Earthiness. She’s a wonderful lady.”

Joey, Drummer (USA)

“The RTT Hypnotherapy session was very helpful and I felt supported the entire time. It was safe to explore my feelings and unconscious thoughts. The ongoing check ins and recording of positive statements helps to reinforce the changes I was looking to make.”

Simone (Australia)

“My seeing mostly Purple and Gold was evidence that the Reiki healing was working. When she finished, I felt a release and calmness.”


Very caring, compassionate, sensitive and takes her gifts seriously”


“Seeing the third eye being activated and those other chakras like the crown and heart beautified like that shows ‘time has come for activation’ to manifest. Yippie !!! None of this was expected. I have been working on Abundance for the longest time. I truly now have my hopes high and belief in my gifts.”


“I was hoping to feel the energy as she was working on me and I did! She definitely poured her heart and soul into this Reiki Healing and I could feel it.”