Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Powerful healing at a soul level

Past Life Regression Hypnosis can heal you at a soul level which will lead you to your spiritual awakening and ascension. You may be sensing something unexplainable. Perhaps, you are experiencing something logically unfathomable. This may be emotional, behavioral, and/or physical. And you wonder, “This may be coming from a past life” because you cannot relate to anything in this lifetime. If so, I believe your senses are right. It’s probably from your past life.

We can be carrying stuck energy from the past, not just in this lifetime, but from our past lives. This stuck energy can be preventing us from happiness, success, good health, and all the wonderful things that life has to offer. What negative patterns would you like to release? Here is your chance to do so.

Past Life Regression and your soul family

HEAL & HEALED offers past life regression. Guided by the best past life regression therapist, aki energy healer certified hypnotherapist.
Past Life Regression

We reincarnate over and over in order to grow and evolve spiritually, and we do so with our soul families. We decide to be born together around the same time to be siblings, parents, children, lovers, best friends, teachers, significant others…. This is why when you meet someone for the first time, you somehow feel like you know the person for a long time, or you are powerfully drawn to the person with fondness.

The appearances are different, but your soul recognized their souls.

Other soul family members decide to remain as spirits and be your spirit guides. They are guiding you, protecting you, and supporting you so that you can experience your spiritual awakening. Your spirit guides can change from time to time, but they are always with you and watching over you. Just be open to receiving the messages from your spirit guides for your spiritual ascension.

Angels, saints and spirit guides are always watching over you so that you can have spiritual awakening and ascension.
Angels and Spirit Guides

Who else show up in your life?

Some other times, nothing really happened but you just can’t like the person.
The chances are, you had met them in your previous lives.
They might had been the worst enemy. Here, you go. You meet them again.

The karmic partners….

Karma is never to punish you. It's meant to help you grow spiritually.

Past Life Regression and Karma

What is the true meaning of Karma? It sounds scary, but is it really so? No, it doesn’t have to be. And in fact, it is not all that bad. Yes, something happened in the past lives and you are here to learn the lessons. While this may feel scary, please know that you are absolutely ready to step forward. Your your soul knows you more than you can imagine, and your soul will show you only the right information you need and as much information as you need. Your soul knows your inner strength for your spiritual awakening and ascension.

Past life regression therapy gives you a chance to find the cause of the problem, heal at soul level, and have spiritual awakening and ascension. Guided by a certified hypnotherapist, aki energy healer.
Time Travel

Past Life Regression Therapy

There is so much healing you can receive through Past Life Regression Therapy. Below are some examples that you can start with.

  • Soul retrieval (depression, sadness, feeling emptiness, etc.)
  • Releasing the persistent unwanted patterns (relationships, success, etc.)
  • Resolving the unexplainable issues (fear, phobia, physical symptoms, etc.)
  • Freedom and liberation at soul level (empowerment, revoking contacts, etc.)
  • Finding your true self (life’s purpose, soul contracts, etc.)
  • and much more!

What is your Karmic Lesson you chose?

With Past Life Hypnosis, you can experience your spiritual awakening and ascension. HEAL & HEALED offers best past life regression hypnotherapy guided by a certified hypnotherapist
Past Life Hypnosis

My dear healing soul, let’s find out what happened. By witnessing what you went through, you’ll gain a deep understanding, and understanding will set you free. You are ready to travel back in time and find out what you have decided to learn in this lifetime. You are ready to experience your spiritual awakening and ascension.

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