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aki Energy Healer

Welcome to my healing space. My name is aki. 

Spiritual Awakening is a beautiful process. You are about to experience your soul ascension, and I’m here to show you how to start a spiritual journey. You are ready to explore your powerful, profound soul awakening.

I have a gift for you, an “Insight & Inspiration” Session ($80 Value). In this session, I want you to tell me what’s going on, what you want in life, what the challenges are, and I’ll share some valuable information about how you can achieve your dreams and goals step by step. I’d love to meet you, learn about you, and find out how I can support you.

Heal from within

I want to share my story with you.

After being suicidal for over 40 years,

I have found my purpose in life.


On my spiritual journey,

I was helped by so many souls.

It’s my turn to help you.

You have suffered long enough.

No one, absolutely no one, deserves to suffer alone.

It’s time for you to heal.

Release the pain that rips your heart.

Release the loneliness that darkens your heart.

Turn your tears of sadness into tears of joy.

You deserve it.

I can guide you to the beautiful profound spiritual awakening and ascension.

One day you look back the path you treaded,

and you’ll find all the tears you shed beautifully shining for you.


Healing is your BIRTHRIGHT.

Let your soul’s journey begin.

Your Path ❋ Your Choice

I am deeply into healing and I have several alternative modalities for you to explore.  Please ask for a great discount on a premium package.

Healthy eating is important. Eat healthy food. Have healthy diet. RTT Hypnotherapy can program your mind to eat healthy stay healthy!
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

This Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program is specially designed to help women with health problems lose weight. No surgery. No drugs. No side effects. No food restrictions. No required exercise. This ultimate healing hypnotherapy will help you unblock from the current situation and get the desired result. It is natural and alternative. You’ll make a powerful internal breakthrough and heal from within. Experience this incredible transformation that will change your life in a way you’ve never imagined possible. Be ready to shed all the layers of burden and feel light physically and emotionally. Achieve the pinnacle of healthy living!

HEAL & HEALED offers past life regression. Guided by the best past life regression therapist, aki energy healer certified hypnotherapist
Past Life Regression

Hypnosis for Past Life Regression is probably your best option if you are struggling with issues that cannot be explained based on your experiences in this lifetime. The issues may be phobia, pain, patterns, or relationships. When you witness what happened to your old soul, you’ve found the key to Healing. Experience your spiritual awakening and ascension with past life regression therapy.

HEAL & HEALED offers Akashic Records reading that is sacred and spiritual. Akashic records are also called book of life.
Book of Life

 Akashic Records Reading is probably your choice if you believe in spirituality but you want more direct guidance and advice. You’ll remain awake during the reading, and you may keep your eyes open. You ask your questions and the ascended masters will guide you to understand the issue and find a way to resolve it. By the end of the session, you’ll gain mental clarity and self-confidence. Healing can be added depending on the issue in question.

Reiki healing for patients by aki energy healer. Reiki spiritual healing and remote reiki healing by energy healing therapist.
Reiki / Energy Healing

Energy Healing or Reiki Healing is for you if you are spiritual, and you seek divine healing or faith healing. You believe in the higher spiritual realm, the Universe, the Divine, and the Source. You know you are a light being, and you believe in what your eyes don’t see and what your ears don’t hear. Believing there is more than what the human body can physically sense, you are ready to receive the healing light and shine even more brightly.

With RTT Hypnotherapy, you will find the cause and reprogram your mind in the way you desire. Be guided by the best certified hypnotist.
Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy (using hypnosis for therapy) works very well for you if you want to understand the cause of the problem and learn practical tools to heal yourself. Under hypnosis, you’ll remain awake but you feel completely comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful. In this state of total relaxation, you’ll have access to your subconscious mind where all the programming is happening. Guided by your certified hypnotherapist, you reprogram your mind in the way you want it to be. You’ll regain your self-power, self-respect, and self-love.

Rising Radiance Private Membership
Private Membership for You

Rising Radiance Private Membership gives you one 45-Min private session every month with a choice of Reiki/Energy healing, hypnosis, or spiritual guidance and awakening ($120 Value). You also receive a member-only special discount of up to 40% OFF on healing services. You’ll have razor-focused prioritized personal support, and you’ll walk through everyday challenges with clarity, confidence, and self-trust.

One breath at a time

If the pain is so much and breathing has become so hard,

I will breathe with you.


Know that you are not alone anymore.


Below is a guided meditation (11 min).

You will experience the most beautiful relaxation and profound spiritual moment.

One Breath at A Time

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while driving or operating any machinery.

Here, I shared how I became a healer, how you can start healing yourself, and more. Please enjoy!

My dear healing soul, you are not alone.

You are ready to heal and experience your healing and profound spiritual awakening. Facing the issue can be scary and sometimes painful emotionally and physically, but you’ll find the key to your spiritual growth right at the core of the pain. Use the pain to push yourself out of the pain into healing and the spiritual awakening and ascension.

I appreciate that each person is different. If you know which modality is for you, that’s great. But if you are unsure, I can help you decide what works best for you. I’ll be more than happy to integrate multiple modalities to meet your uniqueness.

Please do not suffer alone anymore. Suffering is tough and healing is not easy. Trying to find a healing path while suffering alone is overwhelming and lonely. I can help you if you open your heart. Let us put an end to suffering together. You have chosen to heal. Free yourself and find your true self. When you show up, healing begins. Let your healing begin right now, right here.

HEAL & HEALED offers many alternative ways to heal and experience your spiritual awakening and ascension. Below are some suggestions for you. Please check them out to see what resonates with you. I look forward to meeting you and walking your spiritual path with you.

More Alternative ways to find your TRUE SELF!

Guided by a certified hypnotherapist, you will find the cause of the problem and reprogram your mind to embrace your authentic self. Experience the power of RTT Hypnotherapy and start your spiritual awakening!
Inner Child Therapy
Your certified hypnotherapist will guide you to find the cause of the problem using RTT Hypnotherapy and reprogram your mind to make yourself super fertile.
Using RTT Hypnotherapy program, your certified hypnotherapist will guide you to find the cause of the issue and you will liberate with the power of forgiveness.
Power of Forgiveness
Hypnosis as anger intervention. The best anger management program with a certified hypnotherapist. Find the cause and release it with RTT Hypnotherapy program.
Anger and Rage
Spiritual guidance from reiki healer. Ask about reiki, energy healing, spiritual awakening, Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, Past life regression, akashic records, book of life, and spiritual guidance.
Spiritual Ascension & Awakening