No Pain, No Gain

January 15, 2023

Mmmm... a beautiful brunch

I thought the new year had just started but now I see many hearts and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. How has your new year started for you?


When I was still struggling with so much pain and despair, I read something that pointed out the truth so sharply that I immediately regretted reading it. It said, “You can change the label of a tuna can but the inside is still the same.” 


Bang! This hit me hard.


Of course, nothing is wrong with canned tuna. I love tuna melt! But, do you hear the message? You remain the same until you change yourself from the inside. Are you different because the calendar year has changed?


I always thought “No Pain, No Gain” was only for men who wanted a six-pack. I didn’t know (and maybe I didn’t want to know) that this applied to spiritual growth as well. 


Many times I asked the Universe for signs, messages, and guidance. There was a time that I threw a tantrum. “Show me the way! I’m ready to walk my path, you know?!” 

Alone and lonely
I felt so alone.

Now, I’m appreciative of the unpleasant message I once grimaced at. I healed myself from the inside, and I feel lighter and brighter from the inside.


Is my life perfect? No.
Am I done with healing? NO.


I still struggle, and sometimes I get discouraged and I feel deflated. But, healing gets better with practice. As you practice, you will gain self-confidence and self-trust. Whatever is happening, you trust yourself that you can do it. With every challenge, you will find yourself becoming stronger and more resilient.


Thank you for being who you are.

With much love and healing light,