Reiki / Energy Healing for Animals

Safe - Spiritual - alternative way for your pets to recover and heal

Animal Reiki is a safe, spiritual, and alternative way for your pets to recover and heal. HEAL & HEALED offers reiki for animals to both your animals AND you as a pack. Experience together and deepen the bond with your pets!

Reiki <霊気> is originated from Japan. 霊 (Rei) means "spirit" and 気 (Ki) means "energy" in Japanese language

Animals and Energy

How often do you proudly brag about your pet’s abilities to communicate? Your fur babies just understand what you are talking about. They stay by your side to comfort you when you are sad. Or, they watch you from a distance when you are upset. They “talk” to you with their eyes.

Animals are so in tune with energies. As much as they are sensible and responsive to good energies, they are susceptible and vulnerable to negative energies as well. For example, if you are feeling anxious, stressed, sad, nervous, or insecure, this is what they pick up and absorb.

This is not a state to receive healing.

For the best result of their healings, HEAL & HEALED offers animal Reiki for both your animals and you as a pack.

Reiki / energy healing Therapy for animal is a safe spiritual and alternative way to heal. The best reiki healing done by best energy healer.
Animal Reiki

How Animals Heal

Just like us, humans, when they are relaxed, they effortlessly and gracefully receive healing, and their bodies will find a way to Healing. Reiki / Energy Healing is a natural way to invite healing, and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Some animal Reiki benefits include:

*Reducing stress, anxiety, and nervousness
*Helping with relaxation and calmness
*Reconnecting and reactivating their internal healing power
*Facilitating to heal after injury, surgery, or trauma

reiki is a therapeutic touch. It reduces stress, nervousness, anxiety, and it facilitates healing
Therapeutic Touch

Your animals will instinctively connect with the gentle yet powerful healing energy. As you receive the session together, you’ll deepen the bond with your pets through love, support, and healing. Experience profound healing with your fur babies. Your pets will greatly appreciate the healing moment together!

HEAL & HEALED offers animal reiki as an alternative way to facilitate healing. Guided by an reiki healer
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The Great Advantage only at HEAL & HEALED

As per your request and permission, I can open your animal’s Akashic Records and receive divine guidance from their guardian angels. Give your animals the best natural, holistic, and alternative healing opportunity with a crystal singing bowl.

I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies!

Please request CONTACT, and I will reach out to you or book your INSIGHT & INSPIRATION ($80 value) where you tell me what’s going on and what you’d like to gain, and then I’ll share some valuable recommendations. HEAL & HEALED offers many alternative ways to explore your spiritual healing opportunities. Below are some suggestions for you. Please let me know what resonates with you. 

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Reiki for animals is a natural, spiritual, and alternative way to heal for your animals

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