Chakras: Your Energy Centers

7 Chakras / 7 Energy Centers

Chakras are energy centers. Keep them purified, balanced, and rejuvenated.

What are chakras? Chakras are your Energy Centers. Everything is energy and you are energy too. So much energy is flowing through your body. You have 7 major chakras in your physical body. Chakras are meant to be pulsating, radiating, shining, and beaming. But, when your energy centers are out of balance, you feel sick, fatigued, down, discombobulated, disconnected… It’s not always easy to keep balance. Things happen everyday and our emotions get tipped. We are not looking for the perfect balance all the time but rather, it’s a daily maintenance. Chakras are meant to be beautifully aligned and rejuvenated, so your energy can flow freely. I can help you find and maintain the beautiful balance within.

Chakras are your energy centers. Cleanse them so your energy can flow freely. Be guided by aki Energy Healer
Cleansing & Purifying


Just like you clean your physical body regularly, we need to cleanse our energetic body too. We are interacting with so many energies daily basis. If you let unwanted energies stay and accumulate, your chakras become “clogged.” Then, you’ll experience fatigue, sickness, depression, just to name a few. Let’s cleanse your chakras regularly. Let the beautiful energy flow freely. You’ll feel light and lifted!

Grounding nature. Mother earth can help you ground.
Grounding & Stability


Do you feel like you are always floating? Spaced out? Or, having a hard time focusing? It’s wonderful to be connected with “up there” but you need to live your human life on Earth as well. Just like tall trees whose roots are deep, go deep as much as you want to go high. As you ground yourself with Mother Earth, you are supported, nurtured and nourished, and then you’ll feel anchored, confident, and empowered!

Align your chakras so your energy will flow easily, beautifully, and gracefully. When your chakras are balanced, you feel calm, serene, and centered.
Alignment & Balance

Alignment & Balance

If your chakras are out of balance, you feel unfocused, indecisive, stuck, etc. You have a hard time moving forward. Align your energy centers and the energy starts to flow naturally and gracefully. Keep your chakras balanced. You’ll feel calm, serene, and centered. Your intuition heightens and you’ll receive divine messages more easily and effortlessly.

Chakras are your energy centers. Rejuvenation is important for your charkas well-being.
Restoration & Rejuvenation


Just like you apply lotion on your skin, let’s rejuvenate your chakras with purifying healing lights. Fill out your energetic body with beautiful lights that restore, renew, and rejuvenate. You’ll feel ready to live your new day with great vitality and wonderful enthusiasm!

Let's find the beautiful balance

As you read my words here, you are ready to heal and raise your vibration. If you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to help you and support you. Here is a gift for you, a token for the “Insight & Inspirationsession ($80 value). In this session, I want you to share with me where you are, where you want to be, and what challenges you have. I’ll offer you some valuable recommendations as to how you can get the result you desire and deserve.

You’ll find many more alternative healing paths at HEAL & HEALED for your spiritual awakening and ascension. Below are some suggestions for you. Please let me know what resonates with you. Let’s find the beautiful balance within you for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being! 

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