Infertility to Super Fertility Hypnosis

The fastest way to get pregnant

Infertility is not just about physically treating your body.
Your mind is very powerful and your mind can make you super fertile and get pregnant,
and fertility hypnosis will shine the path to parenthood.

Everything seems to be just fine, yet it’s not happening.
Or, something is not right and you are struggling.
You’ve tried IVF treatments and now it’s just too painful (and too expensive).

Male infertility and female infertility. What causes fertility issues?

Your certified hypnotherapist will guide you to find the cause of the problem using RTT Hypnotherapy and reprogram your mind to make yourself super fertile.
Journey to your parenthood begins here

The hormones that make pregnancy possible start in your mind.

Best Chance to Get Pregnant

Have you heard of “Baby Blocks”? What are the old beliefs that are holding you back? Under deep healing hypnosis, I’ll guide you to find out the cause of infertility and help you get it out of your system. You can also request Cell Command Therapy (no extra charge) to become fertile. Each cell in your body is an intelligent being. This therapy is used to communicate with your body in a way that your body understands what to do in order to be fertile. Under hypnosis you tell your body to heal, so you can get pregnant.

With RTT Hypnotherapy program, find the cause of infertility, have a successful IVF, and you'll be on your way to parenthood.
Your baby awaits you.

Fertility and Parenthood

Let’s find out what is delaying your parenthood. We’ll tell your body to HEAL, CONCEIVE, and GROW your perfect healthy baby. And, when you do this under deep healing hypnosis, it is extremely powerful. You are worthy of what you want. Let’s make you fertile, pregnant, and start walking towards parenthood. From infertility to fertility, Healing is your birthright, and so is happiness.

Best RTT Hypnotherapy

You don’t need to go through this alone. Before you give up, give me a call. I’m here to help you. Please request CONTACT, and I will reach out to you. Or, receive a gift of  Insight & Inspiration session ($80 value) where you’ll find out how you can heal yourself and start walking toward your parenthood.

You will find many alternative ways to heal at HEAL & HEALED. Below are some suggestions for you. Please check them out to see what resonates with you.

Chakras are energy centers. Keep them purified, balanced, and rejuvenated.
Reiki / Energy Healing
Guided by a certified hypnotherapist, you will find the cause of the problem and reprogram your mind to embrace your authentic self. Experience the power of RTT Hypnotherapy and start your spiritual awakening!
Inner Child Therapy
This is a life-changing weight loss hypnotherapy program. It's natural, holistic, and alternative. Lose weight fast and reprogram your mind to love healthy food and stay healthy!
Weight Loss Hypnosis
HEAL & HEALED offers past life regression. Guided by the best past life regression therapist, aki energy healer certified hypnotherapist.
Past Life Regression
HEAL & HEALED offers Akashic Records reading that is sacred and spiritual. Akashic records are also called book of life.
Book of Life
Spiritual guidance from reiki healer. Ask about reiki, energy healing, spiritual awakening, Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, Past life regression, akashic records, book of life, and spiritual guidance.
Spiritual Ascension & Awakening

Why is hypnosis so effective?

We do what we do because of the programs. Logic vs Emotion: Emotions is always stronger, and here is the reason. 95% of the time, it’s our program that is dictating how we react, behave, and feel. Up until 7 years old, most of the time the brain is in Theta mode which is a state of programming and hypnosis. This means that what we saw, heard, and perceived went straight to the subconscious and, therefore, our perceptions became our program by “natural” hypnosis.

Beliefs, Paradigms, and Programs

After 12 years old, the brain enters Beta mode which is a state of focus, alert, and awareness. When the brain is in Beta, the conscious mind blocks the gate to the subconscious, and the programs we accepted long ago (beliefs and paradigms) are now locked in and dominate our behaviors and emotions. Consequently, if we have positive beliefs, we have positive perceptions to our experiences. But if negative, then our perceptions are also negative, which leads us to negative behaviors and emotions. 

How does hypnosis help you?

Under a deep healing hypnosis, you’ll be totally relaxed and comfortable. In this hypnotic state, your conscious mind drifts away and opens the gate to the subconscious where all the programs are kept. Now, you’re able to access the programs (the root cause of the issue)  and then change them in a way they serve you well. We often call this process “reprogramming” or “rewiring.” Once you do this under hypnosis, you’ll feel a big difference. You’ll experience the  transformational internal shift, and this is the power of hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, most definitely. Hypnosis is a totally relaxed state and you remain awake. In fact, you get in hypnotic state everyday. Hypnosis is a safe, natural, alternative, and holistic approach to resolving issues. At HEAL & HEALED, you’ll have a thorough Intake period where you tell me exactly what you’d like to release, gain, believe, and achieve. You decide what beliefs you’d like to believe. During hypnosis, you are in absolute control. So, experience the power of hypnosis and change your life in a way you desire!