Public Speaking

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking and public anxiety don't need to go hand in hand.

Public speaking is very enjoyable once you get a hang of it. People watch you with admiration and you find more and more energy and enthusiasm as you connect with them. But, I know. Public presentation can be a nerve-wracking if your self-confidence is dormant.

You have an enormous confidence within you.

If speaking in front of a crowd gives you anxiety, I want you to know something. You were born with an enormous confidence. Babies are not shy to be watched. They are quite opposite. Children demand your attention, “Watch me!” Babies don’t hide their faces because they’ve got food all over their faces. They hide because they want you to find them! Their diapers might be full but it doesn’t stop them from wanting to get your attention. Children love to be watched and listened to. You were just like that too.

So, what happened and what can be done now?

Something happened as you grew and you got disconnected from the confidence you were born with. Under a deep healing hypnosis, I’ll guide you to find the experiences that caused you to get disconnected and then help you reconnect with the confidence that’s in you. Once you reconnect with your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-trust, there is nothing that can stop you. You’ll stand in front of a big audience and enjoy being watched and heard. You will feel the power.

Experience the power of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy for public speaking. Talk with confidence
Power of Hypnosis

What is the power of hypnosis for public speaking?

95% of the time, our programs are dictating our behaviors, reactions, and emotions. Logic vs Emotion. Emotion is always stronger. This is why if you are afraid of dogs because you got bitten by a dog when you were little, logical reasoning will not ease your emotion (fear of dogs). You know you are safe and the dog is probably just a little innocent puppy, but it doesn’t matter. Your emotion (fear) is way stronger than your reasoning (logic). 

It’s the same with fear of public speaking. Under a deep healing hypnosis, I’ll help you change the program that creates fear and then reactivate your confidence. Now, your new program creates new emotions (excitement, passion, enthusiasm, pleasure, and empowerment) for public speaking. 

Shine your light. Step into your self-power and fulfill your life's purpose.
Shine Your Light

You have gifts to share with the world.

You were born with so many gifts, and you are here to share your wonderful gifts with the world. Your knowledge, wisdom, experiences, insights… Reconnect with your authentic self and reclaim your power. Stand in your self-power with enormous self-confidence. Shine your light. I can show you how. 

Let's get you reconnected with the confidence you were born with!

You are ready to shine your gifts. It may be scary, but you’ll learn to reconnect with your authentic self who is absolutely confident. Please receive a gift of an “Insight & Inspiration” if you haven’t received it yet ($80 Value), and find out how hypnosis can help you reconnect with the confidence you were born with.

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Healing Words from My Healing Clients

Why is hypnosis so effective?

We do what we do because of the programs. Logic vs Emotion: Emotions is always stronger, and here is the reason. 95% of the time, it’s our program that is dictating how we react, behave, and feel. Up until 7 years old, most of the time the brain is in Theta mode which is a state of programming and hypnosis. This means that what we saw, heard, and perceived went straight to the subconscious and, therefore, our perceptions became our program by “natural” hypnosis.

Beliefs, Paradigms, and Programs

After 12 years old, the brain enters Beta mode which is a state of focus, alert, and awareness. When the brain is in Beta, the conscious mind blocks the gate to the subconscious, and the programs we accepted long ago (beliefs and paradigms) are now locked in and dominate our behaviors and emotions. Consequently, if we have positive beliefs, we have positive perceptions to our experiences. But if negative, then our perceptions are also negative, which leads us to negative behaviors and emotions. 

How does hypnosis help you?

Under a deep healing hypnosis, you’ll be totally relaxed and comfortable. In this hypnotic state, your conscious mind drifts away and opens the gate to the subconscious where all the programs are kept. Now, you’re able to access the programs (the root cause of the issue)  and then change them in a way they serve you well. We often call this process “reprogramming” or “rewiring.” Once you do this under hypnosis, you’ll feel a big difference. You’ll experience the  transformational internal shift, and this is the power of hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, most definitely. Hypnosis is a totally relaxed state and you remain awake. In fact, you get in hypnotic state everyday. Hypnosis is a safe, natural, alternative, and holistic approach to resolving issues. At HEAL & HEALED, you’ll have a thorough Intake period where you tell me exactly what you’d like to release, gain, believe, and achieve. You decide what beliefs you’d like to believe. During hypnosis, you are in absolute control. So, experience the power of hypnosis and change your life in a way you desire!