Hypnosis for Tinnitus

Freeing yourself from feeling trapped in Ringing

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is devastating for many people. Hypnosis can help you alleviate the emotional impact and help you as the best tinnitus masking device. Guided by a certified hypnotherapist.
Tinnitus / Ringing in The Ears

What is tinnitus? This ringing you hear is the internal sound that only you can hear. You are not hearing an external sound. People with tinnitus describe the sound as “roaring in the ears” “hissing in the ears” “whistling noise in the ear” “high-pitched sound in the ears” or “pulsating sound in the ear.” Many are experiencing ringing in one ear (one sided tinnitus) such as “low pitched ringing in the right ear” or “loud ringing in the left ear.”  Some have tinnitus only at night or experience hearing ringing in silence or humming in the head instead of describing just in the ears. Whatever your case may be, I’m here to alleviate the impact you are experiencing from this invasive noise.

What causes tinnitus?

You can find many articles about what causes tinnitus. You probably have searched everywhere before you landed on this page about hypnosis. The lists in the public domain show the causes of ringing such as loud noise, ear infection, Eustachian tube dysfunction, damaged hair cells in the cochlea, and more. However, there is no reliable treatment or cure yet to be found. Or, I shall say, I haven’t found one yet. Now, I want to show you how you can change the angle to approach tinnitus.

How hypnosis can help you with Tinnitus

Hypnosis for tinnitus can help you alleviate the emotional pain around the issue. You’ll learn to desensitize the impact that the ringing causes. As you approach the issue of Tinnitus through hypnotherapy, I can help you reduce anxiety, stress, pressure, tension, worries, and/or nervousness while boosting your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-power, and self-trust so that you’ll be able to handle the matters in everyday life in a powerful and positive way. Thus, you’ll be able to focus, live, and enjoy your day with less impact from the ringing. 

Under deep hypnosis, you will also find a cause or event that triggered ringing in your ears as well as the emotional/psychological purpose of its existence in your life. When you find out, you’ll have a new perspective on ringing in the ears which will help you ease the emotional pain around this debilitating condition. If you are suffering from tinnitus, please request Contact, or receive a gift of an “Insight & Inspiration” session ($80 Value) and find out how hypnosis for tinnitus can help you. 

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