Love Relationship & Self-Love

How to practice Self-Love in a romantic relationship

Using the power of RTT Hypnotherapy program, find the cause of the problem and find love of life. The session is lead by a certified hypnotherapist.
Love of life

Healthy Love relationship

Lead by a certified hypnotherapist, you will find and remove the cause of the problem using the power of RTT Hypnotherapy program. Find self love.

Love relationship and self-love go together. Finding true love is probably one of the most important areas in everybody’s life and interest. When you are in a happy healthy relationship, you glow. You have good energy going through your body and heart. But if not, you can even get sick physically and emotionally. How are you doing in your romantic relationship?

Are you feeling lonely all the time or feeling alone in life? Or, perhaps you feel all alone in a relationship. Do you always choose the wrong type of partner for your love relationship? Or, do you always end up with the same pattern? Do you keep multiple partners to distract yourself? Fear of intimacy? Fear of relationship commitment? I can help you.

Let's break the cycle of unhealthy relationship.

Oftentimes, we act only the way we know. Where did you learn the pattern? Does your partner remind you of someone you’re so familiar with? There is a reason why you are the way you are. You learn what you live. What did you learn as you were growing up? You deserve a romantic relationship where you are treated with Love, Understanding, Support, Respect, and Honor.

The secret of successful romantic relationship.

I want to share the secret of a successful romantic relationship with you. It all comes down to self-love. You can love others only to the degree that you love yourself. To find the right partner, first, you must love yourselfOnce you learn self-love, you’ll be attracting the right partner who loves you truly for who you are.

"How do I love myself?"

This is an excellent question and here is the answer.
You do this by knowing that,
you are massively lovable, worthy of true love, and a lasting healthy relationship.
You were born to love and to be loved because you are PURE LOVE.

But, I know. None of them feels real.

Logic vs Emotion, emotion is always stronger.
Somewhere you accepted wrong beliefs that “I’m not lovable. I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy….”
and this is getting in your way of the relationship you desire and deserve.
Let’s get the false beliefs out of your system and learn how to love yourself.

Under deep healing hypnosis,
I will show you how it all becomes true to your heart.
Soon, you will start feeling how lovable you are.

A healthy relationship begins with SELF-LOVE

Using RTT Hypnotherapy, learn to love yourself. A healthy love relationship and self love go together. Program your mind to find love of life.
Healthy Romantic Relationship

Take one step closer to your ultimate romantic relationship.
You are worthy of a happy, healthy, lasting relationship.
There is somebody special for everybody,
and that somebody special is looking for you.
So, let’s get on your healing journey to find your love of life.
This starts with self-love.

Happy, healthy, lasting relationship.

As you read my words here, you are ready to heal. You don’t need to face it alone. Let’s find out what is blocking your way to your healthy romantic relationship. I’m here to help you and show you how to open your heart again to love and to be loved. Please request Contact, and I will reach out to you. Or, receive a gift of an  “Insight & Inspiration” ($80 Value) and find out how you can manifest your dream love.

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Guided by a certified hypnotherapist, you will find the cause of the problem and reprogram your mind to embrace your authentic self. Experience the power of RTT Hypnotherapy and start your spiritual awakening!
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Why is hypnosis so effective?

We do what we do because of the programs. Logic vs Emotion: Emotions is always stronger, and here is the reason. 95% of the time, it’s our program that is dictating how we react, behave, and feel. Up until 7 years old, most of the time the brain is in Theta mode which is a state of programming and hypnosis. This means that what we saw, heard, and perceived went straight to the subconscious and, therefore, our perceptions became our program by “natural” hypnosis.

Beliefs, Paradigms, and Programs

After 12 years old, the brain enters Beta mode which is a state of focus, alert, and awareness. When the brain is in Beta, the conscious mind blocks the gate to the subconscious, and the programs we accepted long ago (beliefs and paradigms) are now locked in and dominate our behaviors and emotions. Consequently, if we have positive beliefs, we have positive perceptions to our experiences. But if negative, then our perceptions are also negative, which leads us to negative behaviors and emotions. 

How does hypnosis help you?

Under a deep healing hypnosis, you’ll be totally relaxed and comfortable. In this hypnotic state, your conscious mind drifts away and opens the gate to the subconscious where all the programs are kept. Now, you’re able to access the programs (the root cause of the issue)  and then change them in a way they serve you well. We often call this process “reprogramming” or “rewiring.” Once you do this under hypnosis, you’ll feel a big difference. You’ll experience the  transformational internal shift, and this is the power of hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, most definitely. Hypnosis is a totally relaxed state and you remain awake. In fact, you get in hypnotic state everyday. Hypnosis is a safe, natural, alternative, and holistic approach to resolving issues. At HEAL & HEALED, you’ll have a thorough Intake period where you tell me exactly what you’d like to release, gain, believe, and achieve. You decide what beliefs you’d like to believe. During hypnosis, you are in absolute control. So, experience the power of hypnosis and change your life in a way you desire!